Does your plate match your exercise?

Does your plate match your exercise?

It can sometimes be difficult to know how much protein and carbohydrate we need per day. This ultimately depends on the type, frequency and intensity of exercise for that day and week. Whether you train rarely, weekly or daily, your plate needs to be customised to your lifestyle.

The image below provides a very quick overview of what your meals should look like based on training-type.

The ‘Light/No Training’ plate can be considered the default meals for most days for recreational athletes1. Conversely, ‘Moderate Training’ and ‘Heavy Training’ require further tailoring to the individual including the timing of meals before and after exercise1. Ultimately, these plates all depend on the person’s current training programs, overall performance and short-term and long-term goals1.

Be aware that for competitive and professional athletes, there is even more planning involved to ensure they meet all their nutrition requirements.

Please note this document may not be suitable for an individual with a certain medical condition.


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